Valuation is negotiated
Value is earned

Welcome to an entirely new model of venture capital.
Connecting.Works Sweat Equity is a Value Accelerator, a new kind of investor that invests expertise and time in exchange for equity. Collectively, we are a team of  experienced operators; entrepreneurs and technologists; founders with decades of building highly successful companies, launching products used by millions, and creating billions of dollars in commercial value.

Value Accelerator

Value accelerator

Connecting.Works works with founders to create value and rapidly achieve their mission and key milestones. We are deeply involved; for instance, we engage hands-on with start-ups, scale-ups and in joint venture settings, strategically and operationally, and above all, broad and deep.



We believe that every company is unique with a set of distinct needs and circumstances. Therefore, our model is built around engaging holistically at the most critical moments and applying deep expertise in product and engineering, go-to-market and talent growth, providing a tailored solution to help create tangible shifts in trajectory. Meanwhile, we work in dedicated sprints with our portfolio as part of their team in all these areas.


Invested. In the trenches

Our fund is built as operating capital to provide services. At the heart of how we invest is a deep commitment to the success of our founders. Therefore, every part of our engagement optimizes efforts to serve that goal. Our investment comes in the form of common stock, just like the founding team, and our stock also has a vesting schedule. Our portfolio companies’ KPI’s are our own and our responsibility comes in the form of tangible deliverables. Above all, we believe that goal can only be served if we are deeply invested, working alongside our founders.

Let’s work together

Let’s work together

Need to get in touch with the team? Events, partnerships and kind words: We’re all ears!
Please feel free to drop us a line or call Charles on +31 6 5368 5350.

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