#Indoor farming with robots and AI#

You’ve heard of the <en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farm-to-table> farm to table movement, and like 23% of other smartphone users, you’ve probably used technology to have food <www.grocerydive.com/news/23-of-us-smartphone-users-will-use-a-food- delivery-app-by-2023/558410/> delivered to your door. Say hello to the next iteration of locally-sourced food: indoor farming. 80 Acres Farms, an Ohio-based organization, considers itself different from your typical farm.
<www.eafarms.com/> The website states, “We don’t have tractors, silos, or even soil here. Instead, we grow everything indoors-using robots and artificial intelligence to do the heavy lifting, while the humans focus on growing the freshest food possible.”
We spoke with Mike Zelkind, CEO and co-founder of 80 Acres Farms, who explained that the company locates farms right next to their customers’ distribution centers, which allows the food to be grown and delivered to customers within a day – and not only is it convenient, it’s pesticide free, and can reduce the use of plastics, water, and waste within the process. Not to mention, it results in a high-quality product, says Mike.
“Using technology, we enable agriculture to produce in climates that are otherwise not susceptible to this kind of growth. We can grow product in Ohio. We can grow it in Norway. We can grow it anywhere in the world,” said Mike. “It does use AI and a lot of other tools to understand how plants grow, and to create a perfect environment for that plant to grow.”