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Mark Tigchelaar


Hi, I’m Mark. I have specialised myself in how to be more productive by optimising the possibilities of your brain. I’ve studied cognitive psychology and developed a method to gain more from your brain.

The effects of the method are:

  • Staying focused
  • Processing information faster and more accurately (speed reading)
  • Remembering information for longer.

I’ve written 4 books about this method and have had the pleasure of training more than 100,000 people so far.

If you want to get started on this method you can find my newest book in the link below. This book is available in English, Dutch, Russian, Korean, and Chinese.

If you want to go a step further and fully master the system, then the best way to do so is to participate in a training course:

Companies that hire us include: Microsoft, RBS/ABN Amro, Heineken, Samsung and Fedex. Evaluation of our courses by students: 9.0 (source:

In addition to our training, we developed software to optimise the experience of reading from screens. This software is called UseClark. With this Document Reader you will read and remember documents like never before.

If you join the waiting list, you’ll receive the Pro version of our software for free ūüôā

“Mark is the Brain Trainer of the Netherlands” ‚Äď Management Team Magazine

Speed reading, Memory training, Mind-mapping and Productivity.

Result oriented
Problem solving

Dutch (native)
English (fluent)

Mark Tigchelaar
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