Project Description

Joyce Huisman


Every family has a strange uncle (or aunt) and for the professional world I am a bird of many different and often confusing feathers.

My career has developed organically in directions I could never have imagined.

There for my professional experience -summed up on my personal page- shows a wild and wide (hence the confusion) range of functions and projects in communication and brand development, publication and printed media, design and architecture, lifestyle, food and art & culture.

Most of my professional life I was invited in flexible networks or allowed to create one myself.

I feel fortunate for working for amazing organizations in many different capacities. All these assignments have one thing in common: the development and optimization of potential in close collaboration with stakeholders.

Changes in the world we work and live in, urge to constantly challenge the strategy of a brand or organization as its stakeholders are part of that same change.

Being a creative thinker with an insatiable interest in people and the constantly changing world allows me to zoom out and see new perspectives and opportunities.

I am a firm believer in demystifying processes and simple common sense but equally in the power of open communication and enjoyable (fun!) collaborations.

Over the years, while tapping into my wide and trusted network of topnotch professionals, I have been a relentless, passionate connector to forge successful collaborations.

Original thinker
Focus on opportunities
Thinks in cohesion
Motivating and inspiring ability
Can easily empathize
Results oriented
Problem solving

Dutch, English (fluent)
German, Frisian (working proficiency)
French, Russian (basic understanding)

To experts overview

Employment History

2017 – current
Brand Development Partner
2013 – current
Real Food Lab
2009 – current
2018 – 2019
Provincie Zeeland
Explorer Culture and Food route
2015 – 2016
Board Member
1984 – 2015
Huisman Huisartsenpraktijk
2000 – 2012
Jopie Huisman Museum
Creative Advisor
1988 – 2011
Joyce Huisman
1984 – 1987


1974 – 1982
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Law, Slavonic languages