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Jannie van Andel


My name is Jannie van Andel.

My passion is social and sustainable innovation with the aim of making social innovation the driver of innovation. The environment in which we as humans can and especially want to live in is becoming increasingly important. The pressure on government, companies but also individuals to follow a robust sustainability policy is increasing and more compelling. Sustainable behavioural change is difficult, but people accept less and less antisocial behaviour when it comes to maintaining a sustainable, liveable and save society.

Awareness is essential to bring about behavioural change, but it remains a difficult issue.

Many companies, governments and institutions focus primarily on technological developments and have too little or no focus on Human Capital. However, the design for success is Social innovation; the driver for success in the development of sustainable innovation.

I believe in people.

I believe in their strength and their ability to make a difference.

My strong conviction is that by taking a different approach, by allowing social innovation to be leading in sustainable innovation, the added value will be much more powerful and distinctive.

I have over 40 years of experience in both Fast Mover Consumer Goods and within Unilever in the Supply Chain with a category and network wide scope. Strong learning curve and experience in strategic, tactical and operational areas, leader of several teams, complex reorganisations, design of strategy and implementation of projects within Retail and Out of home customers and partners, Logistics suppliers in the European and Benelux Supply Chain. Experience in different roles but most of my career, leader in different roles in the Supply Chain and have developed a Chilled Supply Chain division within Unilever. I am a teamplayer. I have led many programs and projects. In the field; I was able to build many relationships with our customers, logistics suppliers and peers where we worked together on renewal and solving difficult issues.

Experience in transport planning and guiding incoming and outgoing flows. The last 3 years at Unilever I have worked in a Benlux/European role and responsible for Logistics.

After my working life at Unilever, I have started as an independent entrepreneur, from September 2017, to follow my passion and dream in “Social and Sustainable Innovation.

“You can’t build an organization fit for the future if it is not fit for human beings” (Hamel)

In addition to my role within the Fast Mover Consumer Market, I have experience in overall Supply Chain and Logistics;  participating within several committees and Industry forums like, Top sector Logistics for the Netherlands, NWO (Dutch scientific research/TKI program committee(Top consortia Knowledge and Innovation), Connekt, Member of the advisory committee for domestic shipping, Committee Federation of the Dutch Food Industry, Ambassador Lean & Green.

Co-authored of the Logistics innovation program 2020 for the Dutch government and within this program chair and Co-founder of the 4C (Cross Chain Control Centre) horizontal collaboration program.

Further into the past Board member of the network community Dinalog Friends, representing Unilever Benelux in Agro Logistics, representing Unilever within Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) and have been Ambassador in the World Food Program.

Within SIA / Kiem Logistics, MIT Zuid-Holland and the RVO (DKTI), I do and have participate in program committees and I am, since September 2017, Executive Account Manager in the ESCF (European Supply Chain Forum) at the TUe in Eindhoven.

Result oriented
Problem solving

Dutch (native)
English (fluent)

Jannie van Andel
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Employment History

2019 – current
2017 – current
VANANDEL Social and Sustainable Innovation
Impact driven Social and Sustainable Consultant
2017 – current
Market acquisition
2017 – current
Eindhoven University of Technology
Executive Account Manager European Supply Chain Forum (eSCF)
2017 – current
Topsector Logistiek
Chair Taskforce Social Innovation
2017 – current
Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat
Member advice committee Demonstration Innovation and Climate technology & innovations in transport
2016 – current
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Member advice committee MIT Zuid Holland
2016 – current
Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA
Member assessment committee KIEM regulation
2013 – 2019
NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research)
Member advice committee NWO/TKI
2013 – 2017
Ambassador Lean & Green
2005 – 2017
Logistics Development Manager (2017)
Logistics Manager Benelux (2013 – 2017)
Business Development (2012 – 2013)
Supply Chain Development (2006 – 2011)
Supply Chain Manager Chilled (2005 – 2006)
2010 – 2011
Topsector Logistiek
Member Agro Platform
2010 – 2011
Dinalog Friends
Board member Dinalog Friends
2008 – 2010
Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat
Member advice committee Inland shipping
2007 – 2010
World Food Program
Ambassador World Food program
2006 – 2008
Topsector Logistiek
Member of the Committee of Laarhoven
2002 – 2004
Unilever Bestfoods
Supply Chain Development
1991 – 2001
Van den Bergh Foods Netherlands
Customer Service Manager
1995 – 1998
Van den Bergh Foods
Distribution & Stock Management
1986 – 1989
Van den Bergh Foods Netherlands
Logistics Field Officer
1983 – 1986
Van den Bergh & Jurgens N.V.
Logistics Operations